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How long is a treatment?
You should allow an hour for both Reflexology and Reiki treatments and around 45 minutes for Indian Head Massages. If you are enjoying the Reflexology and Reiki treatments together, this could take up to 2 hours.

What should I wear?
For Reflexology loose, casual and comfortable clothing is recommended. You will need to, if possible, have your calves bear for Reflexology so loose trousers are best although you can always take tight trousers off and cover yourself with a towel/blanket. For Reiki you will be fully clothed and it does not really matter what you wear. During Indian Head Massage I may use oil for massaging your upper back, neck and shoulders. I will provide a towel to wrap around your chest so you will need to take your outer garments off and (ladies) take your bra straps down.

Do I have to clean my feet for Reflexology?
I will clean your feet before we begin so do not worry about how long you have had your shoes on!

Will the treatments hurt?
Reiki will not hurt at all - the only things you may feel are tinging or hot or cold sensations.
Reflexology should not be too painful but you may feel some discomfort if I find an area that is out of balance or congested. The discomfort will only last a short time as I work through the congestion and, if necessary, I can move on and return to rework the area later in the treatment.
Indian Head Massage can be painful if you have very tight muscles in your neck, shoulders or upper back. If so, I will use a more gentle pressure.

I have tickly feet, can I still have Reflexology?
Yes! I use various degrees of pressure and probing of certain reflex points and it definitely does not tickle! If we find an area on the feet which is just too sensitive, we can switch to hand Reflexology in order for you to receive a full treatment.

Can I have a treatment if I am pregnant?
Congratulations! It is recommended that reflexology is avoided within the first 12 weeks but after that you certainly can have Reflexology. We will need to go through a few detailed questions beforehand to ascertain your general health as well as where you are with your pregnancy and how things have been so far. In general, mums-to-be find the treatment calming and relaxing.
With regards to Reiki, you can have a treatment while pregnant but may find it more comfortable to be propped on your side or seated during the treatment.
Indian Head Massage can be given during pregnancy and is fantastic for tight shoulders and upper back as well as being extremely relaxing.

How will I feel after my treatment
After a Reiki most people say they feel very relaxed and "floaty".
Indian Head Massage may cause your shoulders to feel sore after the massage but you should also feel relaxed from the massage to the face and head.
Reflexology can make you feel relaxed and calm; invigorated; desperately needing a wee...... it is different for everyone! You may feel a bit 'heady' later on as though you are getting a cold but this will only last a short time and is a good indication that the treatment has had a positive effect and toxins are moving out of the body. I will give you some after-care advice on the day to help maximise the treatment.
The main thing is to drink plenty of water for the couple of days after any of the treatments.

During Reflexology, can you diagnose what is wrong with me?
Unfortunately not. As a Reflexologist, I am not able to diagnose or cure medical conditions. You feet may indicate areas that are congested or out of balance within your body and we will be able to discuss what we find. But if you have questions regarding a medical condition, you should see your GP.

How often should I have treatments?
If come to me with a particular issue, you may wish to have 3 or 4 weekly treatments and then go to fortnightly or monthly but there is no hard and fast rule. It obviously depends on your time and what you can afford.
With regards Reiki and Indian Head, the same applies - your body will tell you how often you need to visit.

What information will you need from me?
I will ask you about your medical history, lifestyle, current health and some more general information about yourself so that I can build up a holistic view of you, in order to adapt the treatment to best meet your needs. Any information given will be kept strictly confidential. In some circumstances you may be asked to sign an informed consent form.

How old do children need to be to have Reflexology or Reiki?
There is no rule for what age children need to be to have Reflexology or Reiki. But children will need their parent/guardian in the room and to sign the consent form. The treatment time for children is shorter so will be cheaper.

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